Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Just for fun

OK  Here’s just some fun.  The text is all Middle English, but I’m betting you can read it with no problem.  There is nothing to be afraid of.   Go ahead.  Try it.

Three litel pigges eche hadde a hous—oon was straw, a-nothir was woode, the thridde brikkes.  A bigge, badde wolf desired pigges to ete. He puffed att the hous of strawe; it felle adoun.  The pygge escaped to the hous of woode.  The two pygges thoughte the hous of woode was stronge.  The wolfe puffed harder; the hous of woode corrumped.  The two pigges dashed to the hous of brikkes.  The wolf koude nat damage the brikkes.  When the pygges herde hym clymbyng the chimeney, they remoeved the lidde fro the soupe seethinge in the harthe.  The bigge, badde wolfe plunged in-to the pot.  They hadde wolf soupe for soper & lived happi ever afftir.
--from the back cover of Who’s Afraid of Middle English?

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